The Power of “What If”

Many people make resolutions on the first of January or any day of the year. But our mind starts asking us this “What if” questions:-

  • What if I don’t succeed?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I made all these changes and I wasn’t happy?
  • What if the decision goes wrong?
  • Majority people let the fear of what-ifs consume them and abandon their resolutions.

In reality, though the fear of not achieving the resolution was a cover-up for the fear of failing as a person. What if I took all the steps to create the life I wanted and it didn’t work out? Would I be left with an unfilled life on top of an unfilled resolution?
However, the one thought that should overpower all the what-if I should be: What if it all worked out?
What if you succeeded in creating the life you envisioned? It doesn’t need to be a perfect life; every life has a few rough spots or bruises.
That single question is enough to take the leap of faith and go forward with your goals.
Focusing on the positives of your goal or resolution is a much more powerful motivator than concentrating on the negatives.
If your thoughts of doubt are enough to stop you, then your positive thoughts are enough to help you succeed.