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  Do you want to Live the Life of Your Dreams? Think Like a 5 Year Old kid

Many people have beliefs like:- I can’t become Chartered Accountant. I can’t clear IIT entrance exam. I can’t do business. I want to ask you a question. When’s the last time you truly thought like a five-year old?

As children, we tend to believe that we truly can do anything we want. We have thoughts like: “I’m going to be an astronaut one day” or “When I grow up I’m going to be the Prime Minister.” But a funny thing happens: as you go to school, get a job, the world’s expectations and beliefs about us shrink our own beliefs.
The things we believed we could accomplish slowly start to fade away and become unfulfilled dreams.
Our dreams of becoming astronaut, president, Prime Minister or playing in a band never see their start because we begin listening to others and accept that these things won’t happen. Some of them are people we love, who love us back, but they have no idea what is possible because it isn’t their dream. Nevertheless, we follow the path they suggest, based on their own beliefs of what is possible.
So how do you push past your insecurities and start believing in yourself again? How do you take advantage of the endless possibilities available to you when your beliefs about yourself won’t let you take the first step?

Start thinking like a five-year-old.
Ignore your doubts and negative feedback from others. Five-year-olds don’t pay attention when someone tells them they might not be a princess and an actress when they grow up. They just keep believing.
When you start believing and acting on your five year old dreams, there’s a good chance you’ll be surprised by how often they come to life.
So next time you’re feeling discouraged or insecure, ask yourself: “What would my inner five-year old do?”

Are you scared of failure?
We fear that if we go for what we actually want, we might fail and look stupid.
The best learning moments in life are when we fail. If you never fail, you’ll never make a difference in the world.
Think of the people who you admire the most. How many times do you think they’ve failed in their lives? Probably more than they can remember. These people are successful because they failed early and failed often. They got out there, gave it a shot, and learned with each failure.
Failure means you’re making progress. Don’t be so scared of it.